Helping you implement coaching programs  and doubling your revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions About RGX

Why the Application?

We only work with a certain type of golf instructor...


And we want to make sure we can help you make the biggest impact possible. 
Let's get started!


An example of results Jess Hansen saw in his first year with RGX...

I want to thank you for my BEST year ever teaching! Here are my numbers:
2014 revenue from January to June: $29,853
2013 revenue from January to June: $15,776
Net revenue gained over last year: +$14,077!
This is revenue gained by using the principles of the RGX coaching program. I'm forever grateful to you and your team...

What are the details?

It's not so much about what's included it's about how we guarantee results  and give you EVERYTHING you need to start implementing coaching programs today. 

(after you apply and get accepted we'll send you over some videos going over everything)

100+ hours of video training material
RGX training videos on all aspects of creating, growing and managing  successful coaching programs? 

RGX training materials documents and systems 
You have access to all the RGX training materials documents and systems which give you a great template to use for all of your coaching materials.

Access to the RGX community
Weekly 1 Hour webinar training  + Open webinar Calls for you to ask questions and learn from other coaches.
The RGX coaching management software 
To ensure the administrative work that comes with having lots of players does not become overwhelming, RGX developed a customized software system to run all of the administrative aspects such as player communication, session scheduling, and player payment processing efficiently.
(after you apply and get accepted we'll send you over some videos going over everything)

How much is this going to cost?

Our initial program is  $375   per month program .
With this you get:
·  1-1 strategic planning with Will Robins
·  Website hosting, URL, Email.
· RGX Caching Management Software.
· Continued access to all videos and New modules.
· Access to join weekly coaching webinars.
· Facebook and Edufii community access.
· Designs for marketing materials.
· Coaching accountability from RGX team.
The RGX model works because we are aligned with your success, we only grow when you grow so we work with you to build, grow and maintain your successful business.

The results Mike Dickson saw within just a few months...

I started working with Will in January. My programs go underway in late April.
As of June 1 I’m up $27,000 over last year. This program is amazing.