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We have worked with hundreds of coaches around the world to transition into coaching programs and build their business.  They have dramatically increased revenue, reduced their work hours so they can enjoy life more!    Check out the Coach Testimonials below to hear it in their own words.
One thing all golf coaches want is to get results for their players.  RGX and The Scoring Method™ makes that happen.  Players are seeing up to 10+ shots dropped off their game in a matter of weeks.  Check out the 100 Shot Challenge at the bottom of this page to see real players talk about how The Scoring Method™ has helped them.

Coach Testimonials

Not sure if RGX will work for you? That’s what these coaches thought as well. Hear directly from them of their success they’ve had in less than 90 days.


Congratulations RGX Coach Dave DePula for completing our DROI challenge!  Dave quadrupled his investment in 45 days! (February 2019)

Colby Wollitz more than doubled his ROI in 2 months, bringing in over $10k! (January 2019)

Chad Johansen brought in $11K within 30 days of joining RGX!

48 days to DROI – Kevin Achieves the Goal!


But it’s the middle of winter!?
This is actually the best time to join RGX!
You can get your programs planned out and filled, so you  are ready to go with spring comes. 

Jeff McNair proves it is possible to start with RGX in the winter. With snow on the ground, he was still able to double his ROI in less than 90 days!


And he’s not the only one! Matt Lindberg in Wisconsin even surpassed his goal!


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Hear from 3 RGX Coaches in very different situations and what their experience has been.


Coaches around the world have used our system and have seen impressive results. Whether you want to increase your income, work less, and play golf more, or all of the above, RGX can help you do that. Below are some of our coaches sharing their experiences with RGX.

Aurora Kirchner-McClain has been with RGX for 9 months. She is playing golf more, making more money and has changed her thinking not only in golf, but in life.

Since working with RGX, Riley Andrews now has 3 locations and multiple coaches.


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Player Testimonials

As The Scoring Method™ movement spreads across the world, our challenge to all RGX Coaches is to drop 100 shots off their players scores. Video testimonials and sent in and once they have reached 100 shots dropped, they are an Accredited Level 1 Coach in The Scoring Method™. We put together an awesome video for each Level 1 coach to share on social media and added to our website to draw players to you who want to get results using The Scoring Method™.


Will Robins

(February 2019)

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