1. Getting Started RGX

Welcome the the RGX Coaching Training site! Here you will find all the training videos to make your coaching business a success.

We will take you step by step through the process to successfully build, run and grow your coaching business. These videos are here to help you along with the initial weekly training calls, RGX  Webinars and Open calls held by the RGX coaching staff. Be sure to use the coaches, admin, designers and the RGX Coach Community to make the most of your program.

Start by watching the video series below for an introduction to RGX, Coaching Programs and you will be on the road to success!

Print the [Content protected for Platinum, Level 1 members only] and start with Video 1

Introduction video on what this series is about, how Will Robins Golf started and developed into RGX.

Learn the difference between an instructor and a coach. Understand Key Terms we use and about changing the mindset to teach the real game of golf.

Introduction to coaching models, why coaching works, and begin to define your vision and your goals.

To be successful, you also need to be a business person and know your KPI's. Learn what they are, how to sell, and learn about product and sales funnels.

Dig deeper into the different coaching models and begin to determine what will work best in your business.

Learn about the different formats you can use with your players to help them reach their goals.

Are you building your business or transitioning your business into coaching? Find out what is the difference so you can know how to proceed.

Overview of the Dropbox and how to use it.

Learn who is on the RGX team and how they can help you.

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