Unlock Your Potential
Are you living up to your true potential?

I have a question for you…Do you feel like you’ve unlocked your potential? Are you truly living to The Highest Potential that you know that you are capable of? If you’re honest, and for me, I would say no, I haven’t. My next question to you is, do you want to?  I know my own answer is yes I do.

In this series I’m not going to stand here and tell you I’ve got it all together and I have every answer. What I want to share with you though, is that my passion is helping people to unlock their potential. Whether it is with their golf game, with their business, or most importantly with things in their lives, there’s no greater joy than watching a person truly reach their potential in a certain area and have success.  

In this series I want to show you how the great thinkers of our times have truely helped people to unlock their potential.  I want to show you how to put it into a plan of action. How to actually implement it so it works. So many of us have these ideas of New Year’s resolutions and passion towards getting rid of things in life and starting new things.  But unfortunately, so often they don’t actually happen. Within a month or two we’re not doing them any more. Many of us even get to a point of just not even going ahead and even have any New Year’s resolutions, because what’s the point? The fact is, for us to be inspired and to live to our potential we have to have goals. But I want to show you the ways that you can be magnetized and drawn to your result, rather than the strenuous effort and willpower to try and get to them.

If we look at the great minds: the Emersons, the Platos, the Tony Robbins’, the T Harv Ekers, the Zig Ziglar’s,  the Jim Rohns. They have given us a clear understanding of how our mind works, how our emotions work, and how to use them in the right way to achieve anything that we desire in our lives.  What I plan to do is show you a concept by one of these great minds of what they said and what they mean by it, but then most importantly follow up with a challenge and action plan. Something that you can physically do to embrace this new way of thinking and this new way of living to see change in your life.  And then thirdly, the community to give you a place where you can share that success – whether it be through the comments, through social media, or most importantly going out to a friend and sharing that success and showing them how to do it. Because there’s no greater joy than seeing success in another person.  It’s now time to get the journey underway. I truly hope it brings you true happiness, success, and the opportunity to reach your potential!

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